Game Schedules

Spring 2010

GCF schedules for Spring 2010 are posted on the Scoreline website. 
Click GCF Schedules or place in your browser’s URL address.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  ALL GCF Schedules are to be played as published.  In other words, NO RESCHEDULING of games.  Only those teams in the GCF State Cup Divisions may reschedule per the GCF State Cup Division Rules.
GCF Team Contact information is kept in three places:  (1) an overall listing is kept on the Team Info webpage under Game Info webpage; (2) on each club’s GCF web page under Clubs webpage and (3) on each individual club’s website.  Posting is done only on those clubs that have submitted the required information to the GCF Scheduler and Webmaster.
Note:  team colors for games - The home team should wear light colored jerseys and the visitors should wear a dark color.
ALL BREVARD TEAMS information are on their particular club’s website (weblink is through Brevard Youth Soccer League Clubs (BSL) - and can be contacted through their club.

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