Submitting Game Scores

GCFYSL Spring 2019 Season 

EVENT ID: 71762

PIN: 9876

GCFYSL expects results to be reported for all games within 24 hours of completion. Any sanctioned coach, manager or club official from either team may post final scores. Final score reporting instructions below.

* In accordance with USSF guidelines, results/standings for 7 v 7 league games are not posted publicly. Score is kept on the field and is required to be reported. Having all available results entered is critical for GCFYSL to accurately manage competitive balance in future seasons.


There are three ways to enter a score in the Got Soccer system. 

1) Scanning the QR Code at the top right of the game card. (quickest)

2) Logging in to the Event Scoring link on Got Soccer via your personal computer or smart phone.

3) Send me an email with game number and score. (least preferred)

QR Code

Scanning the QR Code from the top of your game card will bring you directly to the scoring input page for your game. Log in not necessary.

Logging in to the Event Scoring link on Got Soccer

1. Navigate to

2. Click on “User Login” in upper right corner.

3. Click on “Scoring Input” under Event Scheduling/Scoring.

4. Enter Event ID# and Event PIN #.

5. Enter Game #.

6. Enter final score for each team.

7. Enter Yellow and Red card information. (If available)

8. Log out.

Send an email to (least preferred)

1) Include game #, division, teams and result

I recommend printing game cards, as all of the information needed to report a score is listed. These can be printed from your GCF schedule in your team account or club’s master account. 

Mike Sroka

1st Vice President


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