Team Contact Information

GCF teams - Fall 2009

Team Contact information will be kept current on each individual club’s website.

As a courtesy, GCF will post team contact information (that was originally submitted at declaration time) on this webpage.
GCF CONTACT INFORMATION - Current Posting as of 9/16/2009 2:00 am
What you see, is what has been submitted by those clubs that sent in information to the webmaster.

GCF Team Contact Information (Excel 2003) - Can be downloaded or displayed in Excel
GCF Team Contact Information - html - Viewable in a web browser
Clubs (not individual teams) can send in their team contact information to the GCF Webmaster in the correct format (Sample form) as an Excel attachment. 
NOTE:  If your team and/or teams in your club are NOT listed, then you should send your contact information to your club (using the sample form) and urge them to compile their team information and submit it to the GCF webmaster (as stated in the paragraph above).  They have been asked and informed to do so at the past several GCF meetings.

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