Team Information Needed

GCF Member Clubs
Needed Information for Club webpage

Need the following information from each club in order to complete their GCF Club Member webpage:

  1. Club contact person for compiling and editing data on their GCF Club Member webpage.  Need both name and contact information (phone and email).
  2. Club Name
  3. Office location (if have one) with physical address.
  4. Office phone number.
  5. Mailing Address (if DO NOT have an office OR if mailing address is different from office location).
  6. Club website URL (web address).
  7. Game Fields - list of all field complexes that this club uses where GCF games are played.
  8. Officers contact information (name, email, phone #) for following six positions (specify if phone number is to be published or private):
    1. President
    2. Registrar
    3. Field Assignor
    4. Treasurer
    5. Referee Assignor
    6. Point of Contact

Please email above information to GCF Webmaster.

GCF and BYSL Premier Teams Joint Venture
Brevard Youth Soccer League clubs

At the Premier team level, both Greater Central Florida Youth Soccer League (GCF) and Brevard Youth Soccer League (BYSL) have enjoyed a mutual arrangement over the years where the premier teams of the BYSL clubs have participated in the GCF League.

Information on these clubs can be found on the BYSL Member Clubs webpage.

GCF Partners