GCF - Rules of Play

State Cup Rules Modification

The GCF State Cup Rules of Play were modified at the August 12, 2010 Monthly Meeting. Since FYSA currently does not have an Event Roster, the following was added to I. Registration and referenced in III. General Guidelines (#2)

  1. Teams are to attach a completed guest player form (signed by their club registrars) to their rosters for each intra-club guest player. (New Fall 2010)

The GCF Rules of Play were updated per the GCF Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2010 and March, 1 2010 Monthly Meeting.

These rules are in effect for all GCF games, starting 2010. All coaches and referees are encouraged to download a copy to study and be aware of and should bring with them to games.

Note: team colors for games - The home team should wear light colored jerseys and the visitors should wear dark colored jerseys.

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