GCF Schedules and League Divisions

Update: 12:30 am, Mar 1, 2010 - League Divisions are posted.

Update: 11:55 pm, Feb 28, 2010 - Schedules sent to Scoreline just now, should be posted at some time on Monday.  Two clubs (SVC, WES) have not submitted their game info, so they will be listed as TBD until it is sent in to the scheduler and he can have those updated and posted.

Feb 28, 2010 evening The schedules have not been posted yet as the field assignors have not finished their game assignments.  Most of the big clubs sent their field schedules in today (Sunday morning) and we are waiting on just a couple of clubs.  As soon as they are sent in, the GCF Scheduler will enter and complete the schedule then send it to Scoreline.com to be posted for all.  We are trying to avoid TBD game information, if possible.

For those not aware of or new to the scheduling process, the schedules (with just game dates and opponents information) were done a couple of weeks ago.  These were sent to the individual clubs’ field assignors to enter the game times and field number information, which is then sent back to the GCF scheduler to complete the schedule.  The completed schedule is then sent to www.scoreline.com for posting.


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