2017 Scholarship Applicants


To the people that don't see your name on the right. We had 28 applicants going for 17 awards. Everyone was so deserving. We came up with a little extra money for four more smaller awards. We were so happy to have this many applications, the most ever, but this also made it very difficult to pick. Yes the GPA was one of the biggest items, but we looked at how long the person was associated with GCF along with their essey's, what type of person they are. Having everything that was required in their packets also would affect things as well. We set up our awards program much the same as other awards in that we wish we had enough for eveeryone. We have a budget for 2 winners and 15 scholarships. This year we were blessed to have 2000.00 from other sources so we could add a few more to the list.

Everyone who applied is going to be very successful in life. I was amazed at the GPA level of everyone. So please, from the bottoms of our hearts, we are sorry that there were a few that didn't receive a scholarship. The average GPA for the entire group was 4.34. This was the highest ever. Thank you and Good luck!!

GCF Partners