Red Card Completion Form

Player Procedures

Players who receive a red card MUST have the Red Card Signature form signed by a referee for each game that the player is suspended for in order to satisfy the player's game suspension(s). Red card suspension received in GCF play must be served in the teams next FYSA sanctioned game(s). This includes league play, tournaments, and Cup events. (Ex: If a player receives a two game suspension for a red card in their last league match before State Cup, they will be required to serve that suspension in their State Cup games.)

When the player has completed their game suspension(s) AND had the Red Card Completion Form signed at each game, then the player must mail and/or scan and email a copy of the form to their club officers.  The club sends the Red Card Sanction History Report to both GCF AND the FYSA District Commissioner.

Upon or before completion of the suspension, the player must pay a $50 fine* (coach fine* is $100) to their club (check made out to their club) since their club will be assessed the fine by GCF.

As a reminder, the FYSA penalty for players and their coaches for knowningly playing while under suspension is very severe. If caught, they will be suspended for the remainder of the seasonal year and all of the next year! Obviously, that would not be worth the risk.


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